Website Development Service

Do you know how important it is for you to have your own website to make your business bloom? The complex process of coding and development of a website merits meticulous planning, and when done right, it guarantees the success of a seamless user experience giving you an edge over your peers to stabilize your brand reputation. At Digital360 we-

Our Web Design Services helps your business
grow by doing the following:

 Delightful website experience

We aim to develop a website that builds credibility and helps your business stand out using the latest design technology. Your website is a sneak peek of your work ethics and intend to showcase your brand through your website.

 Responsive website that lasts

 Your website should be responsive adaptability across internet friendly devices including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

User-experience of a lifetime

Making user-friendly and smooth navigation throughout the website by organizing your site’s menu structure and adding CTAs on pages throughout your website; is the foundation of our web development service.

Digital360 Web Design Services Process

Learn your business and design preferences

You will work with website designer on our web design team. This person is responsible for understanding your website needs and preferences through a questionnaire to clarify what features you want on your website.

Setup website

We request access to your hosting account in order to design your website and in case you are a new business, we build your website first on Bluehost or Godaddy. Once the access is granted, we develop your website on WordPress.

Drafting your website

Once all the planning is put into action the rough draft of your website gets ready in about 20 days. This draft is first sent to the client for review. Once the edits are fixed, the website gets ready to float in no time!

Launching your website

Upon approval of the final draft and design, we would launch the live version of it by moving it from the temporary location and place the website on your primary domain.

Maintain the website

We offer website maintenance to assist you with routine updates and security of your website for better user experience.

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