Our Story

Since 2015, Digital Marketing has become the most trusted source of gaining recognition for your business/brand. The most honest factor that works for us is that we comprehend that (perhaps) our business is different from yours and thus it needs different kind of attention to flourish. Our intractableness to do new things, provide perspective and build lasting relationships is the core learning curve we tend to follow with each new and old partnership. Therefore, before you discover how we do it you should understand why we want to help you give a fierce launch pad to make your brand recognized.
Our founders have an upscale history within the offline realm of dialup kiosks and on-line hub of ‘Imum’ Facebook pages however; these are not the only array of brands we deal with now, our roots and tentacles have expanded across the web.
Way back, when digital was an infant, a money-out, money-in was the only strategy we had to go with, our now-analytic consultants ran around chasing leads (out-bound marketing) – which helped them flex their muscles and do literal gymnastics to convert the lead by throwing ads at the client or talking them through and hoping one would stick. On-line transparency was opaque and also the unidirectional, immeasurable selling of print media was the entire craze. The tiring old times before the invention of in-bound marketing!
We live for distinct and measurable success reported in red and green (mostly green obviously) results for our clients each month. We've got stats obsessed AdWords analysts who seek creative patterns in data, design-focused Instagram planners curating bright, flat lay photos to earn the best approval rate. Our team can write, design, photograph, analyze, develop, report, resize, boost, split out, split test, amplify, bid, measure, link build, program, speed up, submit, expand, re-market, build responsive, then communicate it in a simple to grasp, jargon-free approach.
Now you know our story, let us be a part of yours too.

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